The top 10 most common dilemmas we help our members solve are... 

Are you able to relate to the statements below?

1. When people ask you want you to want to be, you answer "I don't know"

2. You are in school/Uni and don't know what subjects to pursue/enrol

3. You want to learn about what career path will best suit your skills and personality and values.

4. You enrolled yourself in a course but currently having second doubts about your decision.

5. You need to consult an expert to help you figure out your study or career plan.

6. You are a graduate and unemployed.

7. You are miserable in your current job but afraid to leave.

8. You have no clue what you're doing in life and having a moment of crisis/meltdowns.

9. You are where you want to be but still feel something is missing & need guidance.

10. You feel stuck, frustrated, depressed or angry with your life and about your future

Did you find yourself nodding your head to any of the above?

Or perhaps the dilemma you have wasn't on the list and requires a one to one guidance session with a Career Lifestyle Specialist.

Click the picture to check out how we have helped 100 of young people across the globe solve their study or career dilemmas. 

How Can We Help?

1. We become your study and career guide & support network.

2. We share the tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and find your " Why "

3. We give you a step by step process that supercharges your studies or career.

4. We show you practical solutions to solve challenges you face.

5. You become confident about the choices you make.

6. You feel content and excited about your future

7. You find the motivation to dream big, pursue your goals and learn how to take action.

8. When you book your one to one guidance session, you will be leaving with your very own personalized career action plan.

Who is Meetsabiha?
We are a team of digital nomads spread across the globe creating personalized solutions for young people facing study and career challenges.  

 Meet Sabiha is a team on a journey to create  #StudyGreatness & #Careergreatness movement to champion the cause of helping young people achieve their dream lifestyle across the globe.

Helping young people who are feeling lost, confused, frustrated & anxious in a world where the pressure to conform and "fit in" and live a life less than ordinary is what is expected of us. 

We believe in a different approach and that's why we are here to help young people overcome challenges and guide & support them to achieve their dream lifestyle.

Why are we doing this? 

At some point, each team member has felt like a loser, an outsider, a failure, and so we came together so that We create a safe space bound by the desire to acquire knowledge to become the best version of ourselves to achieve 
#Studygreatness #Careergreatness 

We do not allow where we come from, affect where we are going! 

Are you Ready? 

We do a deep dive into your career challenges and as a result help, you overcome them with your very own personalized action plan.

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